Ammonoid Fossil Bubble Necklace

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Bubble Jewelry - This is a handcrafted modern sterling silver pendant that frames a natural earth tones Ammonoid, Ammonite, Fossil Stone. This beautiful bold statement One-of-a-Kind necklace comes with a handmade 22" sterling silver adjustable chain.
Style Number: B-70 Fossil
Availability: One of a Kind Free Shipping.
From our Bubble Collection, this is a handcrafted sterling silver statement pendant. This modern piece uses traditional metalsmithing techniques. The pendant is begins with a silver plate that is hand-formed and manipulated to create a three-dimensional high polished enclosure for the sterling silver round tubes. The entire design frames a natural bisected ammonoid fossil, which is four hundred million years old Moroccan fossil. The fossil is fully bezeled in sterling silver.

  • This unique pendant measures approximately 3.75" long x 2" wide.
  • The ammonoid fossil is approximately 1.2" long x 1" wide (30mm x 27mm).
  • The pendant includes a 22" sterling silver handmade adjustable chain.
  • The clasp is a hook and eye closure.
  • Ammonoids, also called ammonites, stimulate personal growth and help the wearer transition from the old to the new.
  • This is a One-of-a-Kind.  
We accept custom orders.

Designed, signed, and handmade by Aaron Rubinstein and Modern Art Jewelry .

Each purchase is shipped in a beautiful presentation box to impress your loved one. We also gift wrap and, if you would like, provide a handwritten card.

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