Chai, Shalom, Mazel Gold Large Size Charm

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Religious Judaic Jewelry - This is a unique 14K Yellow Gold pendant that says these three words in Hebrew - Chai (life), Shalom (peace), Mazal (luck). This good luck charm is large size and comes ready to hang on your chain.
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This is a beautiful Original Designed Good Luck Hebrew Pendant by Aaron Rubinstein.

Chai means "Life" and is made up from the Hebrew letters - Chet and Yud. These Hebrew letters also have numerical values of 8 and 10 to equal 18, which is traditionally a spiritual number in Judaism.

Shalom means "Peace"

Mazal means "Luck"

These three words are in Hebrew and available as a pendant in several styles. This is the large size pendant.

This 14K gold charm includes a 14K gold loop ready to put on your chain.

This pendant is designed, initialed, and handcrafted using the lost wax method of casting by Aaron Rubinstein and Modern Art Jewelry, Cincinnati, Ohio.

This handmade piece of jewelry comes in a box ready for gifting.

Made in the USA.

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