Orthoceras Fossil Sexy Ring

Price: $250.00
Sculptural Jewelry - This is an original sterling silver ring beautifully handcrafted featuring a natural Orthoceras fossil (30.6mm x 13.1mm), from Morocco. Shanks are adjustable for easy sizing, but can come soldered if preferred.
Style Number: RM-23 Fossil
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This is an original sculptural ring beautifully handcrafted featuring a natural Orthoceras fossil. This ring is meant to be worn low on the finger and onto the 1st knuckle on the hand. The wide shank in the back is designed for comfort, but also helps the ring to stay in place and to not turn around. The long Orthoceras fossil, a genus of extinct cephalopod, is dated from 500 to 190 million years old and found in Morocco. The fossil is fully bezeled in sterling silver.  Because of the unique design, the shank is adjustable for easy sizing. This ring will make a statement on its own or as part of a set. The ring is designed to sit low on the finger. This ring complements all of our jewelry collections.

  • Shank in the back is .29" wide.
  • The Orthoceras fossil is 1.22" long x .51" wide (30.6 mm x 13.1mm).
  • Orthoceras fossils, "straight horns", help balance emotions and increases confidence. They help the wearer transition from the old to the new.
  • This ring size is adjustable.
This is a truly unique piece that is designed, created, and signed by Aaron Rubinstein and Modern Art Jewelry. We accept custom orders.

Each purchase is shipped in a beautiful presentation box to impress your loved one. We also gift wrap and, if you would like, provide a handwritten card.

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