Picasso Marble Collage Necklace

Price: $509.00
Collage Jewelry - This is a show stopper sterling silver statement pendant that features a black and grey scenic freeform Picasso Marble cabochon gemstone (25mm x 45mm). This is a bold and beautiful One-of-a-Kind necklace.
Style Number: TX-57 Picasso Marble
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This is an abstract pendant featuring a large freeform Picasso Marble Cabochon. This handcrafted One-of-a-Kind sterling silver pendant is created from silver rectangle tubing, silver balls, and textured silver soldered in an abstract Picasso Inspired design. The pendant comes with a fixed adjustable chain.

  • This unique pendant measures 3.25" long x 2" wide.
  • The Picasso Marble is approximately 1" long x 1.75" wide (25mm x 45mm).
  • Picasso Marble helps reduce anxiety and stress and promotes balance emotionally and physically. This Jasper promotes a calm state of peace and provides strength through transitions.
  • Includes a 24" handmade sterling silver adjustable chain.
This is a truly unique piece that is designed, created, and signed by Aaron Rubinstein and Modern Art Jewelry.

Each purchase is shipped in a beautiful presentation box to impress your loved one. We also gift wrap. If you would like, and provide a handwritten card.

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