Tiger Iron Modernist Collar

Price: $800.00
Modernist Jewelry - This is a bold handcrafted high polished sterling silver collar that features a freeform brown and black Tiger Iron cabochon gemstone. This gorgeous dramatic choker is a One-of-a-Kind necklace.
Style Number: W-26 Tiger Iron
Availability: Available Now Free Shipping.
One-of-a-Kind Necklace. This is a Sterling Silver art deco style collar which is handmade from square silver tubing shaped and soldered to create a three-dimensional piece of art. The choker is accented by a fully bezeled freeform Tiger Iron cabochon, which is a combination of Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, and Black Hematite that came from Australia. This collar is signed and handmade by Aaron Rubinstein and Modern Art Jewelry.

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